My Life in Coffee Shops by David Board

7Th Flag Coffee Shop

7Th Flag Coffee Shop


Many of you that follow me on Facebook know by now that I’m a huge coffee shop fan and I can usually be found in coffee shops all over Austin and Bastrop.  You might ask yourself why do I hangout in so many coffee shops? Well for one thing, I don’t drink alcohol or frequent the bars or clubs, so those are really not an option for me and to be totally honest, I love the quiet atmosphere of most coffee shops.  Being the busy realtor that I am, I have a ton of paperwork to do and I would much rather get’er done in a coffee shops sipping on my favorite java.  It’s so much better than working from home or in an office somewhere. I also run into folks that have questions about the real estate market and of course I’m always eager to offer my advice in hopes of turning them into a client one day.   My daily routine usually starts off with a stop at the Starbucks in Bastrop for a Vente dark roast coffee and a blueberry oatmeal.  I pray to Baby Jesus they don’t leave out the dang blueberries which they have been known to do on occasion and that can definitely ruin a morning.  While at Starbucks in Bastrop I’m able catch up on the local news, also know as gossip, from the regulars who have a wealth of information about the going ons in my little town.  They have all this gossip and don’t know what else to do with it other that to spread it around.


Jacob Strekfus

Jacob Streckfus


During the mid afternoons or weekends I usually venture off with my Austin friend Jacob Streckfus another coffee enthusiast to the Starbucks on Riverside Dr, Dominican Joe’s on Congress or 7th Flag on 1st Street in Austin where I indulge in a tall refreshing glass of ice brewed coffee. I must admit I didn’t acquire the taste of iced coffee until recently and you know when the temperature hits a 105 degrees outside the last thing you want is something hot. I can’t leave out a few of my other Austin favorites like Bennue Coffee, Buzz Mill, Halcyon, Gunuine Joe’s and Cherrywood Coffeehouse located off 38th Street.  I could go on and on but I think you get the point, I like coffee shops, a lot.


7Th Flag Coffee


So if you are feeling social and prefer coffee shops over bars and are looking  for some friendly conversation about real estate, politics, fun things to do in Austin or Bastrop, well feel free to hit me up. While I have your attention if you are thinking about buying or seller real estate in the Austin or Bastrop area please feel free to give me a call.  I would love to earn your business.

7301 S. Glenn St. Austin, TX Colorado Crossing


Home For Sale

Home For Sale

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to purchase this large 2,209 SF +/- 5-bedroom, 2.5 bath home located in the Colorado Crossing. This home priced at only $225,000 can be found in south east Austin near McKinney Roughs located only a short distance from Bergstrom International Airport and only 15 minuted from the world famous downtown Austin.  And don’t forget you have easy access to the toll road for quick trips to north or south Austin.



You won’t find many 5-bedroom homes built in 2011 that are priced at $225,000 so call David Board now to schedule your private tour. The master bedroom with master bath is located downstairs and the other 4 rooms are located upstairs. This home has very tall ceilings, recessed lights, new carpets installed August 2015 and a fresh coat of paint throughout, large private backyard for family fun and entertainment and located directly across the street from the kiddy park.   If you are looking for a move in ready home this is the home for you and if you are worried about financing don’t worry I have several preferred lenders that I work closely with and they are ready to get you pre qualified today.